School Fee Calculator
by TeamHQ

Setup and embed a fully featured school fee calculator into your website in minutes and help parents estimate their tuition fees.

  • stylish, responsive design for both desktop and mobile
  • embed code and instructions for embedding on your webpage or as a pop-up linked to a button on your site.
  • admin interface for you to manage your fees and service charges, multiple sibling discounts, email workflow settings and styleheet for fonts and colours.
  • multiple campus support (if required)
  • allows option for parent to email themselves a copy of their calculations. You can also include a PDF attachment in the email reply.
  • includes a secure database capture of all your leads including a data feed for pushing contacts securely into your CRM (integrated with EnrolHQ). Export your leads at any time to CSV.
  • no setup fees ever - customising your form takes just a few minutes
  • designed and built by TeamHQ: the developers behind EnrolHQ and SendHQ.

For a limited time, purchase the Calculator for just $149(ex) per year with no lock-in contracts and no setup costs. Cancel at any time. 100% money-back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

It seems cheap. Why is it so cheap?

At $149(ex) per year, we've expecting you to do all the self-management of the calculator widget through your dashboard. This includes updating colours, text, your logo, fees, discounts etc. We're also expecting you to follow our easy instructions to embed the calculator into your website without our assistance. If you do require our assistance, we can certainly help - but will charge $100(ex) per hour.

Will this work for school's outside Australia?

As you control all the labels and content, we believe so.

What if I'm not happy?

Let us know and we'll give you your money back - it's only $149 😃

Is this a recurring fee?

Yes, you'll be billed in advance each year you want to continue using the calculator.

Does TeamHQ have to host my site to embed the School Fee Calculator?

No, but you will need to be able to embed some html code in your site - most websites (Wordpress, Craft, ContentHQ etc) will allow this. We'll check these details with you before you sign-up.

Does this send the collected leads to EnrolHQ?

Yes, If you already use EnrolHQ as your online enrolments solution - we sync those leads in for you every night so you can take advantage of the automation and email marketing tools available to you.

What about other CRM's?

We provide the ability to export your lead data if you want to move it across to your CRM.

Is it one price per school or per campus?

We price per school. Multi-campuses can be setup in the one form.

Is the data secure?

As the owners of the popular online enrolments system EnrolHQ, we know a little about data security. 😃 All collected data is housed securely at the AWS data centre in Sydney. You can request our Security White Paper if you want to learn more.

How long does it take to setup?

We expect it to take around 30 minutes to load everything in and test the workflow.

How do I order it?

Send us an email through our enquiry form, and we'll get the ball rolling.